A Plus-Size Blogger Asked 21 International Photoshop Experts to "Make Her Beautiful," and These Are the Results

They're even more surprising than we thought.
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In the third installment of 2014's fascinating Let's Ask People in Different Countries to Photoshop Me stories, plus-size blogger Marie Southard Ospina approached image-editing experts in 21 countries with one task: to make her look more attractive in accordance with their nations' standards of beauty.

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To some, that meant slapping on lipstick and loads of blush. Others covered her bare shoulders. One even pasted on Kate Gosselin's "I'd like to speak to the manager" 'do. But only three visibly slimmed her face and body, a result the Bustle fashion and beauty editor said she found surprising.

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"Ultimately, there was far less body snark and unspoken body shaming…than I first assumed there would be," she wrote. "I won't assume all the photographers are as pro-plus-size as I am, but maybe natural beauty is making a comeback."

We think she might just be right—take a look at some of the photos below and see for yourself. To view the whole collection, head over to Bustle.


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United States

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