I Stole This $8 Eyeshadow from Olivia Wilde and It's the *Perfect* Winter Shade

Like a fine wine, it's chic AF.

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Olivia Wilde is always a smoky-eyed goddess. But she managed to outdo herself earlier this month at the Golden Globes when she hit the red carpet sporting the most perfect shimmery-burgundy lids I've ever seen. 

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Like many, I'm obsessed with burgundy everything come winter (see: 🍷), so as soon as humanly possible, I got my hands on the $8 secret behind her look: Revlon's ColorStar 16HR Eyeshadow Quad in Decadent

Wilde's makeup artist Jo Baker created the burgundy smoky eye by blending the palette's top two shades (a pearlescent pink and light gold) on the lids for a gold undertone base, then sweeping the bottom right hue (a brownish purple) over it, building the color along the top and bottom lash lines.

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When I tried the technique on myself, I found that perfecting the burgundy blend, and then making it symmetrical on both eyes, was tricky. It took a LOT of layers to get to Wilde's vividness. But once I did, I was obsessed with the results. It wasn't quite as sparkly IRL, but that's probably for the best, considering my day-to-night agenda isn't going straight from a red carpet to an after-party—unfortunately.

Since taking my burgundy-smoked eyes out a few times (I paired 'em with super-messy waves), I've decided they strike a perfect balance between sultry and understated for the pared-back winter months. So nab this drugstore wonder as soon as you can—Valentine's Day is just around the bend.

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Revlon ColorStar 16 Hour Eyeshadow in Decadent, $7.99; ulta.com.

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