Has Red Wine Been the Secret to Great Hair All Along?


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If the man behind Dita Von Teese's never-a-hair-out-place coif is to be trusted, the secret to great hair has been right there all along. And by right there, I mean lubricating our Monday night Bachelor marathons. Yes, ladies, it's red wine. But bad news: Olivia Pope's hair doesn't look perfect because she's guzzling  a "Bordeux that'll bring tears to your eyes" on the reg, because it's not a matter of drinking it. 

You have to apply it straight to the hair according to celebrity hairstylist John Blaine, whose new haircare line, Vine de la Vie was created solely on this belief.  And before you cry gimmick, trust that there is the science to back it up. 

The brand's signature wine extract contains active polyphenols, which in the medical world combat all sorts of conditions, from cancer to inflammation. For hair in disrepair, it provides similar aid—healing damage, boosting strength, detoxifying, and neutralizing the oxidation process. Translation: It's going to give you the softest, strongest, and least-brassy hair ever.

Blaine's range ($35-$45) currently offers a shampoo, conditioner, mask, styling elixir, and serum, each housed in a boudoir-ready black or burgundy bottle. 

And for the record: You cannot get the same results by pouring some cabernet into your existing hair supply. Nice try, though.

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