The Graffiti Hair Trend Is Actually as Cool as It Sounds

And delightfully non-committal.

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At a time where there's virtually a new hair trend every day, committing to a game-changing dye job (opens in new tab) or cut is high risk, which is why we always appreciate one that's temporary—especially if it looks as cool as graffiti hair. An extension of hair stenciling, it marries a wash of bright, spray-paint-effect color with different shapes and designs. Just like the art form itself, it's all about showcasing your individuality. So long as you've got the creativity and painterly prowess to back it up, of course...

You can watch the process, done using a combination of spray hair color and stencils, in the behind-the-scenes Buzzfeed video below:

As you can see, the graffiti treatment looks great on a variety of lengths and styles, from buzz cuts to lengthier strands. Plus, it can be done on a specific section of your hair, such as the ends, or to accent a style. In fact, hairstylist/pro stenciler Janine Ker suggests (opens in new tab) trying it yourself with a streamlined updo, like a top knot, ponytail, or raver knots, to give you a more solid surface to spray on—a great solution for longer hair.

If you're thinking about giving it a go, try and find a friend you can partner up with so it'll be an easier process. And as far as supplies are concerned, Etsy has a lovely variety of stencil designs to choose from and Joico Instatint Temporary Shimmer Spray (opens in new tab) ($9.50) is a go-to for Ker.

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