Edible Chocolate Nails Are Now a Thing—Because Not Biting Your Nails Wasn't Hard Enough Already

Break us off a piece of that 🍫.

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(Image credit: Animation by Lulu Jiang)

It's been a weird year for nails. Not bad, just weird. And the latest trending talon look is perhaps the most confounding of all—chocolate nails. And yes, they're edible in case you're asking for a friend.

The brainchild of nail artist Jessie Mills (@naileditnz), the woman you may remember from the "Polish Mountain" challenge, it seems the candy-coating is pretty simple to achieve. Mills swirls chocolate icing on the body of the nail then, then dots each nail with a variety of pearl-like adornments. Once they're dry? They're yours for the tapping...or snacking.

While brown happens to be a trending nail polish color for fall, as a nail biter this is very dangerous territory. Not to mention the fact that any woman with chocolate-covered nails wouldn't be able to so much as graze something without smearing it with sweet, brown melty-ness. Show me a woman who could evade that mess and I'll show you a liar.

But practicality aside, there's no denying that the nails are sweet—quite literally.

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