This Brand New Sili Sponge Is Already a Hollywood Red Carpet Favorite

Natalie Portman approves.

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Silicone sponges are ushering in a new era of makeup application. But while we'd seen the beauty vlogger community lose it over the traditional sponge alternatives, we had yet to see them get the celebrity MUA seal of approval. That changed, however, last night when Pati Dubroff, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Margot Robbie, and Naomi Watts among any others, used one to give Natalie Portman a flawless face for the SAG Awards. Her secret weapon of choice was The Makeup Drop, which literally dropped yesterday and hails itself the OG silicon applicator. With its non-porous silicone surface, it's easy to clean and not a single drop of product goes to waste.

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"What happens with traditional sponges is that they get muddy when more than one product is being applied," Dubroff told us. "Because The Makeup Drop is silicone, I am able to use either side with the same or different shades and it does not disturb the integrity of the colors. Everything is very clean and concise when applying and blending anything from foundation to creamy cheek color or highlighter. Also, the clarity of the silicone applicator gives you a little window to what you are doing underneath." Dubroff also points out that it can be used for skincare because it's cool and smooth.

Basically, you can apply anything with it given its texture—and shape. "The shape is very intuitive because it fits the contours on the sides of the nose and the under eye area, while also covering the broader areas of the face with its unique flat shape."

The Makeup Drop ($20) is available now and you can be among the first to swipe one up.

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