The 17 Best Foundations Marie Claire Editors Swear By

And we take our foundations very seriously.

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(Image credit: The Masons)

Buying a foundation can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Will it actually match your skin tone? Will it last more than a few hours? Will it make you look like a cake-y mess? And that's to say nothing of the steep price tag of applying all the different formulas to find the truly great ones. Le sigh. There's nothing worse than looking at an old photo of yourself, only to find out you were wearing the wrong shade. You don't need that kind of stress in your life, so we at Marie Claire broke down our all-time favorite foundations—and all the reasons why we love them. From drugstore foundations to worth-it investments and different formulas for every skin type, consider these foundations Marie Claire-approved. For best results, use with a great foundation brush.