Freckle Tattoos Are Happening—and the Results Are Kind of Freaky

The dedication is real.

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With the recent popularity of microblading eyebrows and lash enhancement tattoos, permanent freckles were bound to become a thing.

That's right. For freckle lovers, there's now a semi-permanent way to get a natural splash of specks. The procedure, known as "freckling," is typically completed in one hour-long session and results can last up to three years.

Montreal-based cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow, who seems to have started the freckling trend, told New Beauty that she's "not sure what sparked the trend, but she started doing them as a result of her best friend being tired of drawing hers on with makeup."

Rainbow, who doesn't recommend tattooing on your own face, now completes "freckling" treatments on a wide range of clients. The typical client is someone who gets freckles in the summertime as a result of sun exposure, but wants them there year-round.

For the hour-long procedure, Rainbow charges $250, and as with any tattooing process, right after the freckles are done, they will appear slightly swollen and on the darker side. Within hours, the swelling goes down, and in the one to two months that follow, the color of the freckles will soften for a very natural result. "They will fade naturally with time, and if you wish to keep them you can always get the color boosted whenever you like," she says.

Like any tattooing or cosmetic procedure, there are risks involved and it's recommended that you do your homework before scheduling an appointment to achieve the fresh-faced, youthful look.

Whether you choose to get freckle tattoos or embrace your own natural freckles, we're happy to see the beauty industry is now all about celebrating things like freckles that were once considered "flaws." Let's keep it up, ladies.

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