How to Use Social Media to Redefine Beauty

Dove is helping us all make a change.

We would be lying if we didn't acknowledge that a standard of idealized beauty is out there. We'd also be lying if we didn't commiserate about just how hard it is to feel good about yourself in high school (and there after). As part of a campaign to empower women, Dove has decided to keep their viral beauty videos coming, and this time bring mother and daughter duos into the mix.

The 7-minute film called, "Selfie" interviewed a series of teenagers and their mothers about their insecurities. Answers included frizzy hair, wrinkles, age… all the usual suspects. Dove then set out a challenge for the women:

What comes after, is more remarkable. One young girl explains, "I'm not blonde, or super tall, or super skinny, but that doesn't mean I'm not beautiful," while another teen (whom is perhaps more wise than the rest of us) states, "Beauty is being strong, and being brave, and being happy with yourself."

The short film, directed by documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade, works to empower women to redefine the traditional perception of beauty because now we have power in our own hands: the selfie.

In a world where Photoshop reins supreme and Kim Kardashian is altering her own bum on Instagram, it's vital to take a step away from the camera and learn to love your real-world self #nofilter. It's also important to note where the pressure is coming from. Often times it's woman-on-woman hate, Mean Girls style. Have you ever heard a man complain about his partner's frizzy hair? We didn't think so. So let's start to make this change together. Watch the video and take your own selfie to show your support and hashtag #BeautyIs. Remember though, there's life outside the 600x600 camera field.

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