Blonde or Brunette: The Great Celebrity Hair Color Debate

They look so different—but which is better?!
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Despite the fact that we literally spend all day everyday looking at celebrity pictures, it's always kind of mind-blowing when we see side-by-sides of a former brunette who's now blonde, or vice versa. It's just such a drastic change. As something we debate internally on a near daily basis, we thought we'd take it to you: Which shade works best? We're placing our votes here.
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Amber Heard
Blame it on our Old Hollywood nostalgia, but we love her as a Marilyn Monroe blonde.
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Dakota Johnson
We vote brunette! Anastasia Steele for life!
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Jennifer Lawrence
Sorry, we want her locks to shine as bright as her personality, so blonde it is.
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Dakota Fanning
We love an au naturale blonde as much as the next editor, but brunette just suits her.
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Emily Blunt
She'll always be a brunette English rose in our hearts.
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Mary-Kate Olsen
We want our beloved Olsens to stay blonde forever.
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Anne Hathaway
We love when Annie goes rogue, but when push comes to shove, we're all about how her brunette locks play off her alabaster skin.
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Carrie Mulligan
There's something delightfully mysterious about the darker hue on her, no?
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Kim Kardashian
Blonde was fun for a while, but come on. There's no debate.
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Emma Roberts
Maybe it's just us, but the blonde seems to add a pretty lightness to her persona.
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Camilla Belle
Brunette 100%. Okay, maybe 95%, because she's just so beautiful either way.
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Cameron Diaz
Remember that time Cameron Diaz went dark? Oh, Cameron.
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Scarlett Johansson
Brunette definitely looks good on her, but the blonde is just so classic.
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Miley Cyrus
Ah, the marked departure from Hannah Montana to Miley the Pop Star. Blonde did the trick—and we like it.
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Cara Delevingne
Girl can pull of anything with that bone structure/eyebrow situation, but we're Team Blonde.
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Rachel McAdams
Will someone tie-break, please?
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