8 Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

Working 9-to-5 never sounded so good.

You know the expression, "choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life?" Consider this your guide to exactly that. We rounded up some of the most unique jobs out there, so you can sleep the day away, mingle with Hollywood's biggest stars, and play with food, professionally. It's all in a days work. 

1. Celebrity Stand-In

Spiderman stand in

Even Spider-Man needs a stand-in.

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As you can imagine, celebrities are very busy people. With some hair and makeup magic, you can begin your career as a professional celebrity stand-in. You'll be a placeholder for celebrities whenever they need it, like before filming begins and the camera crew is testing the lighting. If you've always had a feeling your hands look just like J.Law's, you can be a body double. If you casually have a black belt in karate, then the stunt double life is for you. All the while, your famous doppelgänger can spend time pursuing other interests or, you know, generally being  a true ⭐. 

2. Nail Polish Namer

Nail polish

Every polish tells a story.

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Did you think the names "Lincoln Park After Dark" or "Bikini So Teeny" just appeared out of thin air? No. These names are the product of professional nail polish namers, the creative geniuses at OPI, Essie, and the likes who are responsible for naming the newest shades of nail color. The brainstorm sessions are top secret and can last for hours at a time, but apparently it's hard work to develop a name that is accurate, sassy, and tells a story. 

3. Professional Bridesmaid

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Literally. Bridesmaid For Hire is a service that pairs pro bridesmaids with brides to be, and they offer a range of packages so she can do as much or as little as you want. Think of this as a wedding planner and a bestie all in one. (And she'll be the only person who won't protest your choice of a deep orange for bridesmaid dresses. It's a win-win.) 

4. Food Scientist


This is science, people.

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What is a food scientist? In profesh terms, food scientists apply scientific expertise and technological principles to the study of food products and processes within manufacturing and research settings. Example? An ice cream taster—it's your job to eat ice cream and give feedback. This is actually a very scientific role and most ice cream tasters have extensive education and training in the field. But all that hard work clearly pays off—because contrary to popular belief, Chubby Hubby and Phish Food were not created by the Gods. They were created by a team of food scientist masterminds 🍦.

5. Seat Filler

Leonardo DiCaprio

This could be you, casually chatting with Leo.

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If you've always wanted to rub elbows with A-listers, this might be your ticket in. Major awards shows, like the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and the MTV Movie Awards, hire seat fillers to take seats when attendees get up so that the venue always looks full for the camera. And yes, you have to dress the part too, because no one wants to see you dressed down when you're sitting next to Ryan Reynolds. Although this is usually a volunteer position (translation: no $$$), the chance to breathe the same air as Selena Gomez or Brangelina is, of course, priceless. 

6. Food Stylist

Food stylist

Making veggies look this good is no easy task.

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Here it is—the one job where you're encouraged to play with your food. A burger is just a burger until it's displayed properly, with the right props and and the proper lighting. In any movie where the characters cook or eat, or any commercial where a celeb takes a bite of an ice cream cone, or any ad where the pizza looks *damn* good—behind all that, there is a food stylist. (PSA: This also explains why your meal might not always look exactly like the cookbook's pictures, even though you followed every step.) Without the touch of a pro, food just looks so ordinary. 

7. Stanley Cup Keeper

Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup keeper Phil Pritchard doing what he does best.

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Arguably the most important babysitting job there is only belongs to a few lucky hockey enthusiasts. They are the keepers of the Cup. The Stanley Cup, that is. Each year, the cup-winning NHL team gets the trophy for 100 days and the Cup travels to each team member during that time. These keepers are responsible for supervising the Stanley Cup, all 35 pounds of it, at all times. Tough job.

8. Professional Sleeper


Dreaming of the perfect job. Oh wait, this is it.

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Sometimes 8 hours just isn't enough. Sleep researchers and doctors recruit test subjects for sleeping studies, and all you'd have to do is snooze through it all. Additionally, from time to time hotels will hire a professional sleeper to test the comfort level and overall sleep-ability of their rooms. Probably the only field where you'll ever get rewarded for sleeping on the job 😴.  

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