Weird Tales from Lottery Land

It seems that a Welsh man who recently won $2.5 million in the lottery did what anyone would do—promptly quit his job at McDonald's and started relaxing. But wait: Now he's returned to his burger-flipping gig, saying, "You can only relax for so long." Uh, I'm speechless. So I asked around the office to find out what my coworkers would do if they won big bucks:

"I'd buy an apartment: $2.5 million would probably score me a closet-sized pad in Mahnattan."

"Get a second dog and a dog walker to walk the pups three times a day."

"I'd get out of town for a long time!!!!!"

"Pay off my mortgage, buy a flower shop, and get a winter home in St. Bart's."

"I would not tell anyone except my mom, and just buy gifts for everyone I

care for. I would buy a new apartment, and take a vacation to a deserted

island. Quitting work is definitely not my thing, I love working too much,

and I don't want to become a couch potato who does not have any

responsibilities." - SK

What would you do?

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