Office Gossip Problems

Dear CC: I recently let a colleague's secret slip to the office gossip. Is there any way to undo the damage?


this happen after a third mojito, or did you do it intentionally as

some kind of manipulative power play? Sure, there's nothing more

delicious than knowing something your peers don't, and sharing is

sometimes irresistible. But don't you feel sick to your stomach about

10 minutes later?
CC believes that when someone tells you something and

you agree to keep it secret, you keep it secret. Not just for

Spider-Man does great power come with great responsibility. Putting

morality aside for a second (no problem for you), realize that if

you're discreet, people will tell you many more secrets, and you will

gain even more info and thus power. In this case, I'll assume it was

the mojitos talking. You can ask your coworker not to repeat the

salacious gossip you shared (yeah, right), but be prepared to beg for

forgiveness when the source of the leak gets traced back to you. You

may have burned a bridge there, sweetheart.
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