How Do I Get More Resonsibility at Work?

Dear CC: I'm a junior member of a staff, and I feel capable

of a lot more. But I don't want to push because I'm afraid my fellow juniors

will resent me for making them look unambitious.

There's a big difference between backstabbing and good,

healthy striving. Go to your boss and ask for more. Better still, tell her what

more you want and why you're suited for it. CC's watchword for the decade (the

modern version of "Plastics") is "Fill needs." Every boss

wants people to make her life easier, and the more you do that, the more you'll

shine. Figure out what's not being attended to properly in the office and offer

to take it on. Rather than undermining your colleagues, you're raising the bar on

what is possible for them, too. At least you can tell yourself that as you

trample them on your climb to greater heights.

Email with your thorny workplace questions.

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