Do You Have a Second Job?

I'd been mulling the idea of a second source of income even

before I started working. I have many friends who waitress on the weekends,

babysit, or a tutor as a way to bring in more money. I'm very over-protective

of my already dwindling free time and know that picking up a second job

probably isn't practical for me right now. But my closet (and two dressers) are

overflowing with clothes that didn't make the cut this winter and I've been

thinking about selling them on eBay as a short-term boost to my bank account.

It couldn't sustain me long-term but it's nothing to scoff at either. In the

next couple of weeks, once I borrow a friend's working camera, I think I'm

going to start. It will be my first shot at selling anything online—I'll let

you know how much I make in the end.

But it got me thinking…how do you supplement your 9 to 5


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