Should I Take My Vacation Days?

Q: I never take all of my vacation days. I want to be indispensable to the company, and the higher-ups know this and have come to expect it from me. But I'm exhausted. How do I cut out without seeming less committed?

All but the most enlightened boss will try to squeeze every last drop of juice from a workaholic like you. But you should use your vacation time—to recharge the batteries, explore new worlds. Show your zeal by working your butt off the weeks prior to and following vacation. Then, while you're sipping mojitos at the Shore Club, put the away message on your BlackBerry, noting that your company plan doesn't provide coverage outside the Lower 48 (and check once a day if it makes you less antsy, but don't respond). They'll respect you more for having a life and for being a happier, healthier neurotic upon your return.

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