Second-Guessing: A Career Downer

The other day, I was at a meeting for which I had originally prepared a lot of ideas. I felt the need to narrow my list down to the three I was most excited about. But my ideas didn't garner the response I had hoped for. Near the end of the meeting, someone else presented the exact same idea I had cut from my earlier list. I kicked myself for not putting it out there in the first place!

I'm not sure why I had that moment of hesitation, but last week, when I met with's resident psychic, Susan King, she told me I am sometimes overly self-conscious at work-about what people think of me, about how they'll react to my ideas. I have to agree with her. She mentioned that while I'm a hard worker who often can't stop thinking about work even after I get home (guilty!), I need to open up and put my ideas forward more often.

What do you think: do you ever second-guess yourself at work?

PS: If you have a question for Susan King, go to, and upload a video of yourself asking about money, career or your love life. Then stay tuned for King's answer!

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