Are You Taking Advantage of Office Perks?

Odds are when you were hired HR threw a fat packet your way chock full of information on the company, its benefits and perks. When I received mine I was quick to sign up for health insurance, but let other less-pressing perks linger without enrolling. As more and more companies offer gym membership reimbursements and tax breaks on commuting, how many of us are really taking advantage of the savings? I know I'm not. With talks of another fare hike in New York City, I realized it was about time I checked into the transit benefits my company offers. Since I'm already spending $81 on an unlimited, monthly metro card, why shouldn't I get in on the savings? By signing up for a transit account, I stand to save at least a few hundred dollars in taxes over the next year. Sure, it means I've got to be more diligent about saving my receipts and submitting a claim form, but isn't it worth it?

Are you taking advantage of the extra perks you're job offers?

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