I Kissed My Coworker! What Now?

Dear Cubicle Coach:

Things got a little out of hand at an office party yesterday, and I ended up making out with a colleague. He's a nice enough guy, but we're both in relationships, and I don't think either of us is thinking future. Do we talk about what happened? Do we tell our respective partners?

Dear Kissy Face:

You're kidding, right? Forget it. It happened. The seductive scent of the office is powerful. You're at your most intense, seeing each other at your best and your worst, both of which can definitely be turn-ons. No need to belabor it (unless you really want more), nor any need to blab to your partners (unless that's some kind of little thing you both like to tantalize each other with). But that's beyond my purview. I am CC, Cubicle Coach, not BC, Booty Coach.

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