Should Moms Bring Their Kids to Work?

Dear Cubicle Coach:

Several colleagues bring their kids to the office, either to show them off or because preschool's not in session that day. It's disruptive — partly because we're all expected to rush over and coo. Am I being bitchy?

Dear Annoyed:

What, you're not charmed by the way little Elroy says he wants "thicken nuggets"? When preening new mothers bring in their babies, you can remain coo-less, especially if Elroy comes near you with the stuff he just excavated from his nostril. Have pity, though: This is Mom's new accessory to show off, the genomic version of a Tory Burch riding boot. If she has to bring the kid because school is out, it's her responsibility — not yours — to make sure he's fed and entertained ... though CC does keep a stash of Benadryl and peppermint schnapps on hand. Seems to quiet them down for some reason.

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