How Not to Burn Bridges at Work

Dear Cubicle Coach:

My best friend's dad gave me my first job out of college. Thing is, it's been a few months, and I hate it. It's simply not what I want to do with my life. How do I move on without seeming ungrateful and burning bridges?

Dear Stuck:

If you tell your best friend about your unhappiness, chances are she'll hint as much to her dad. But don't make your friend do your dirty work for you (although it's okay to solicit her advice on dealing with the old man — like, is the Fred MacMurray, cardigan-wearing, pipe-smoking softie really a vengeful screamer when crossed?). A few months seems awfully soon to go running, but if it's been at least six and you really see no end in sight — and this isn't just, "Holy shit, I'm not in college anymore, and have to show up on time every day, not stoned" — approach the dad properly. Thank him profusely, grovel in apology, be honest with him, and tell him you'll stay put while he finds a replacement. A bottle of his favorite scotch upon departure wouldn't hurt, either.

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