Personal Business Cards - A Networking Must

If you're out of a job, dole out proper business cards at your next meet-and-greet. The major office-supply chains offer fast turnover on cheap custom printing, typically starting at $10 for a box of 100. Here, no-fail tips for ensuring sharp cards that scream "hire me."

· Use your last job title.

Cutesy titles (e.g., Chief Idea Officer) are a no-no with would-be employers.

· List no more than one phone number.

Include your name, title, address, e-mail, one contact number, and a website if relevant--that's all.

· Don't get too fancy.

Unless you're in a creative industry, stick with simple cards, jazzed up only with a logo, rounded edges, or glossy finish. Skip free services like, which puts its logo on the back of cards. Tacky.

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