5 Myths About Internet Security

Internet Security Myths - Computer Virus Myths

Most of us have been using the Internet for over a decade now, and we're well versed in passwords, IP addresses, secured login and the terrors of viruses and identity theft. Or are we? We took Trend Micro's internet security IQ quiz, a free quiz that tests how security savvy you are. The verdict? We had a lot to learn. The top 5 myths that may make you vulnerable on the web:

1. If you don't keep sensitive info on your computer you don't have to worry about safety.

Not exactly. Even if your important info is safely stored elsewhere that doesn't mean a virus cannot cause damage via your computer – it can be tuned in a "zombie", sending spam or attacking other networks with out your knowledge. Spam sending can clog your network and freeze your computer. One way to guard against this is by only using licensed software.

2. As long as you guard you financial info, you're safe from identity theft.

Social media sites, and even job posting sites have made it easier than ever for thieves to gather info they can use to pose as you. In order to keep your identity to yourself avoid listing you full birth date or address. Even details such as your parents' names and ages should be kept under wraps.

3. Shutting down or disconnecting from the Internet will stop a virus.

Unfortunately, wrong. Once the virus is in, it's in. It will continue to wreak havoc once you turn your machine back on. The best way to fight back viruses to guard against them. Choosing the right software is key.

4. A Website that says it's secure is secure.

Is that dude who swears he's a "nice guy" always a nice guy? Not a chance. Same thing goes for your favorite sites. The easiest way to distinguish a secure site: check out the URL. If the address reads https instead of http, it's secure.

5. Macs Don't Get Viruses.

Because up until recently, Mac users represented such a small portion of the computer-using population, hackers simply left them alone. But, according to the 2009 annual Virus Security Bulletin, due to a larger customer base, a growing number of viruses have been developed to target Macs. Apples need virus protection software too.

Take Trend Micro's Internet Security IQ Quiz here.

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