Breaking: Hottie Banker Got Double D Implants, "Wants to Be Famous"

We fully supported Debrahlee Lorenzana's sexual harassment case, until we saw this shocking video.

Well, this is kind of a lame development. I know, I know, in the age of Balloon Boy and Heidi Montag, I shouldn't be surprised, but still. Earlier this week, I defended "embattled" sexual harassment victim Debrahlee Lorenzana. Sure, I questioned all those overtly campy sexy secretary photographs she posed for in the Village Voice and other news venues, but chalked it up to her being somewhat naive and media outlets taking advantage of her to sex up a story. On the other hand, her accounts of abuse at the hands of her male bosses rang true, and plenty of women can relate to unfair treatment in primarily male workplaces. Love or hate the if-ya-got-it-flaunt-it packaging, I admired Lorenzana's bravery and message.

That is, until I saw this shocking video.

A few years back, Lorenzana starred in a documentary about plastic surgery. I'll sum it up for you: After getting D-sized implants, the story tracks the single mother's pursuit of even larger breasts. For her second surgery she wants double-D's so she can look like her idols, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, and fulfill her two major goals of scoring a rich successful husband and becoming a Playboy Bunny. Cough.

She also repeatedly mentions that she wants to be famous.

And now she is.

While Lorenzana maintains that this has nothing to do with her lawsuit (and that's true, to an extent), does it put a bad taste in anyone's mouth that on some level, this could simply be a publicity stunt to forward her own fame-mongering personal agenda? And if that agenda has nothing to do with equal rights in the workforce and everything to do with her landing on a reality show, then does she deserve our support? Not really, but she'll certainly continue to get our attention, for the next 15 minutes, at least.

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