3 Easy Ways To Change Your Image

Re-invent yourself: 3 easy ways to change your image
Bianca Martinez


"People judge your inner essence based on your outer scent," says Alan Hirsch, M.D., neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Some of Dr. Hirsch's findings: When women wear spicy, floral perfume, men perceive them as being up to 12 pounds thinner. Grapefruit scents can make women seem six years younger. Lavender aromas have been shown to cause sexual arousal in men.


People interpret high-pitched or breathy tones as immature or unpolished. To sound more self-assured, "pretend there's a dime holding your back teeth apart," says Glass. "This lets more air into your jaw and gives your voice extra resonance, which will make your words flow better and sound more attractive."


E-mail has done away with many communication formalities. For this reason, sending old-fashioned thank you notes on upscale stationery will set you apart from the crowd-and the competition. "A handwritten note on nice stationery is a sign of regard for yourself and the person you're writing to," says Arlyn Imberman, a graphologist and executive coach. Engraving your full name ("Kristin Jane Smith") on the cards makes you seem proper, a nickname ("Kristy") is more casual, and a monogram ("KJS") conveys an elegant image. Note-card color is also important, says Los Angeles color therapist and interior designer Carol Smith.

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