Glassdoor's 2015 List of Best Places to Work May Seriously Surprise You

In-N-Out Burger? We're into it.
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We've all been there: A hard day at the office has you wishing for the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Particularly the tons-of-benefits, high-paying, easy-hours side of the fence. So who are those dream companies you've been busy fantasizing about? Glassdoor just released its 2015 list of the best places to work in the U.S., so as of today, we've got your answer. 

Taking top position is Google, a company known for its amazing lunches and fun workplace practices, while further down the list is Apple (#22), Facebook (#15), and Nike (#25). But more surprisingly you'll also find In-N-Out Burger at number eight (who knew! Maybe it's the free burgers?) and Disney Parks & Resorts at number 50.  While it's not unexpected to see big names like Google and Facebook make the list, it's certainly interesting to see smaller, service-based companies like hospitals and fast food restaurants. 

Intrigued? Head to Glassdoor to check out the full list.

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