Ivanka Trump's New #WomenWhoWork Initiative Tackles the Myth of Work/Life Balance Head On

"There is no work, home, friends, family. It all mixes together."

Ivanka Trump Women Who Work
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When Ivanka Trump consulted with advertising agencies about her dream of launching a #WomenWhoWork campaign, they told her not to do it—that the idea of working women isn't "sexy" or "aspirational." 

Thankfully, Trump willfully ignored them. And her new initiative is aimed at putting an end to exactly that. Well, that, and a few other painfully common misconceptions, like:

  • There is such a thing as work/life balance
  • Work/life balance only really applies to women, because women are supposed to be raising the children
  • "Work" is limited to your actual job
  • You're a different person at work than you are at home, with your friends, in your relationship, etc.

None of the above is true, as anyone who's reading this article is acutely aware. "All the women I know, this next generation, they're working hard not just in a professional capacities but really in all aspects of their lives," Trump told GMA this morning. "They're not one-dimensional."

Hear hear! Check out the campaign video below and join the #WomenWhoWork conversation on Instagram—what's your extended job title?

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