There Are Only 3 Countries in the World with More Female Bosses Than Male Ones

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Female manager in office
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Despite major advances for women in the workplace, it's still very much a man's world. According to new research, there are only three countries where there are more women in management positions than men – and the U.S. is definitely not one of them.

Researchers at business-to-business firm Expert Market looked into workforce statistics from 126 countries to see where female bosses are most prevalent. And only three countries have shattered the glass ceiling: Jamaica, Colombia, and Saint Lucia.

Jamaica has completely flipped the script on gender equality, with nearly 60% women in managerial roles. Central and South America dominated on the global scale. Pakistan had the most dismal rating, with only 3% of managerial spots going to women, and several other Arab countries weren't much better.

As for the U.S., we're getting there, with 42.7% of senior spots going to women, putting us in 15th place. Other major economies don't fare much better; the U.K. is in 41st place, and China is in a dismal 85th place.

See the full gender-gap map below:

Workplace equality map

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Workplace equality 1

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Workplace equality map

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