Fox News Guest Insists Women "Would Be Much Happier at Home"

So. Much. Rage.
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If you bring up the gender pay gap, things are bound to get heated—but on Fox News last night, things got ridiculous.

Sean Hannity brought two panelists on his show to discuss (already debunked) allegations that Hillary Clinton paid women staffers less than male staffers. Gavin McInnes, a writer who cofounded Vice Media, insisted to Fox News analyst Tamara Holder that women earn less "because they choose to," because "they're less ambitious."

Pause for reaction/screaming/hair-pulling/thing-throwing.

McInnes went on to say the pay gap is a good thing. "This is sort of God's way—this is nature's way—of saying women should be at home with the kids," he asserted. "They're happier there."

Are you as speechless as we are? We're literally sitting here slack-jawed because WHAT DO YOU EVEN SAY IN THE FACE OF SUCH STUPIDITY.

Holder thankfully channeled all of us and called the comments "deplorable," even asking Hannity to intervene on behalf of his viewers (which he, disappointingly but not surprisingly, did not). She admirably held her own, defending herself and pointing out that she's perfectly happy working and being unmarried. But McInnes kept going. "You're making a mistake," he yelled. "You would be much happier at home with a husband and children."

If you need a little end-of-the-week rage, watch the clip below.

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