What Goodbye Emails Say vs. What They Really Mean

See you never.

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The subject line

What they say: "Farewell" or "Goodbye for now" 


The recap

What they say: Apologies for the mass email, but as some of you might know, I'm sad to be leaving this great company after three incredible years.

What they mean: Literally could not care less about sending this email. In fact, I care so little that I put it off until after my goodbye drinks with the few people from work I do like. (I'm buzzed right now, SHHHHHHH.) After three years of Sisyphean, soul-shattering struggle—it was only fun the first week—I have found somewhere else that will pay me (more) money to do work I find slightly less objectionable. 

The begrudging personal email reveal

What they say: In the meantime, feel free to email me at personalemail@gmail.com

What they mean: Here's an email I made once so I could get another Netflix free trial. I think I remember the password for it?

The obligatory good wishes

What they say: I've loved getting to know all of you. Hope our paths cross in the future!

What they mean: LOL. Only if I'm your boss.

The closing GIF

What they say: 

Harry Potter Goodbye

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What they mean:

Property, Photograph, Ceiling, Snapshot, Photography, Street fashion, Bumper, Commercial vehicle, Hood, Classic car,

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