How to Get Promoted at a Job You Hate

Sometimes you can climb the ladder right out of the (super horrible) hole.

Have you ever hated something so much you eventually got good at it? Think about it…you used to hate working out but you knew it was good for your emotional and physical health. You used to hate eating vegetables but now you're totally on board with kale. What actually changed? Your hatred or your outlook? Here's how to turn that white-hot passion of hatred into the highlight on your resume.

1. Get Validation from Yourself

Oh millennials. The running joke is that we need constant validation and attention. While this may be true to some extent, millennials are hardworking and innovative. Do you think your boss doesn't care about you? Hate to break it to you, but you might be right, so get your validation from yourself. Another way to shift your mindset is to ask yourself what you want to hear or need from another person and start telling that to yourself. Get in the habit of asking yourself "What do I need right now?" Do you need a walk to clear your head? Do you need a tea from the café down the street or to do some deep breathing at your desk? Once you start validating your feelings and understanding what you need it reinforces to yourself that you're important and worthy. I know, easier said than done.


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2. Be Curious and Hungry

So, you hate your job, your boss and everything about your 9-to-5 situation, correct? Use this fuel to ignite your work ethic and portfolio. Be curious. If your boss gives you a dull assignment on insurance practices, try new strategies for this assignment. Research new techniques or a different way to present this information. If you're getting dismissed or yelled at anyway, might as well get reprimanded for some quality work that's presented in a creative and unique way. Being sick of your job can actually give you a sense of freedom to go crazy and start making stuff that you're proud to show off as your own work.

3. Research the Industry and Know What Skills You Need to Move Up

Hating your job means you will inevitably be job hunting, so peruse the growing industry to see what skills you lack, and start developing them now. If you're finding that Photoshop and video-editing skills are a must, dive into that and grow as much as you can in that area with your current job. Start experimenting at work to create something you can put on your resume for the future.

4. Learn from Coworkers in Other Departments

If you knew more than just your defined job role, wouldn't you be a dangerous weapon in the job market? Became a Jill of All Trades by investing in your coworker's roles and daily duties. Collaborate, brainstorm, and help them with any project they need. Not only does this give you goodwill in the company, but you're also learning new skills and trades that will make you a seriously beneficial hire.

5. Do the Sh*t No One Else Wants to Do

Since you already hate your job, why not add to the misery by volunteering for committees, meetings, and projects that get you away from your desk and allow you to interact with new people? Sign up for the jobs that no one wants. Attend your HR talent management programs. You might grow in new ways.

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