Exclusive: Sophia Amoruso Shares Her Photo Diary from the #GirlBoss Book Tour

Signings, selfies, tattoos, froyo pit stops, and everything in between.

Joel Degraff

The Nasty Gal founder gives us a behind the scenes look and a front row seat to her recent book tour for bestseller #GirlBoss.

Joel Degraff
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Watching the reflection of the #Girlbuss in the windows of shops as we drove by was pretty surreal.

Joel Degraff
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The bus was a piece of social media on wheels, and served as not only our mode of transportation but a giant backdrop for attendees of the book events to pose in front of.

Joel Degraff
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So many selfies! The platform of the moment is clearly Snapchat as it took the place of taking typical photos. I even signed a few Snapchat pictures :)

Joel Degraff
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Whoa, just whoa. This attendee got a Girlboss tattoo on her 18th birthday.

Joel Degraff
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The scene in San Diego. 400 amazing girls!

Joel Degraff
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Bottomless free frozen yogurt at Google? Yes please!

Joel Degraff
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A quiet moment at Third Place Books in Seattle. I love this photo.

Joel Degraff
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Portland was amazing. Powell's City of Books is a mecca—truly—of books.

Joel Degraff
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A chalkboard gets a dose of inspiration before an event!

Joel Degraff
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This guest has been following Nasty Gal since the eBay days all the way from Singapore. It's incredibly cool to meet girls who have been supporting us for so long!

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