DKNYPRGirl Will Teach You How to Become Internet Famous

And kill it in your career, too.

Social media queen, @DKNYPRGirl (who also goes by Aliza Licht, senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan International) has been lighting up our Twitter feed with funny and relatable tidbits for years now. Start following her, it's worth it.

Now, she's expanding her witticisms past 140 characters to a 288-page book titled, "Leave Your Mark," with advice on landing your dream job, mastering social media and creating your own brand. She explains to WWD, "If I were writing the book 10 years ago, the idea of personal branding was what people called your reputation. With the advent of social media, people can now really amplify their own personal messages in a way that no one was ever able to do before. I deep-dive into how to do that."

"Leave Your Mark" will be available May but you can follow Aliza Licht on Twitter for updates.