Get Rid of Junk Mail for Good

A better way to spend 20 bucks.

Warwick Lister-Kaye

Green Dimes, a California-based company that's like a "no call list" for your mailbox.


A $20 subscription buys you freedom from 75 to 90 percent of all junk mail and unwanted catalogs, and the company plants 10 trees on your behalf.


The Green Dimes team has relationships with direct-mail distributors; they go through each company's process to remove you from their list.


Your mailman will thank you, and so will planet Earth. Since its creation in 2006, Green Dimes has planted 969,115 trees, saved 6.3 million gallons of water used in junk-mail production, and prevented 3 million pounds of credit-card offers, catalogs, and other direct-marketing debris from clogging mailboxes.


For more on how you can stop junk mail, visit environmental expert Olivia Zaleski's eco-tips column: Environ-Mental: Going Green Without Going Crazy.

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