10 Things We Won't Ask You to Do to Cut Back at the Pump

bmw car in grass
Stan Badz/PGA TOUR

1. Fill your car with helium balloons and float to work. (Although you would avoid the Beltway backup.)

2. Use bald tires — less drag.

3. Cut your engine when going down steep hills.

4. Play See How Far You Can Push My Car with the neighborhood kids.

5. Siphon.

6. Combine errands. Example: If your sister's water just broke, but she's only 4 cm dilated, drop off the dry cleaning and pick out some privets for your yard at Home Depot on the way to the hospital.

7. Walk through the drive-through ATM.

8. Ask car-pool passengers to open the door and dive out when you pass their streets.

9. Go manual, la the Flintstones.

10. Get a bike.

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