10 Ways NOT to Save Money This Holiday Season

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1. Buy everyone the same gift in bulk from Costco. Everyone needs toilet paper, right?

2. Invite a work client to your big family party. Expense it as a business dinner.

3. Volunteer to bring homemade pumpkin pie to your boyfriend's family's Thanksgiving dinner. Charge by the slice.

4. Put your 2008 calendar and datebook up for bid on eBay, advertising them as "vintage."

5. Save money on your holiday party - bring a tote bag to the office party and take home leftovers and decorations.

6. Graciously invite your entire family to stay with you before your annual holiday get-together. Hand them a bill for room and board when they leave.

7. Return the portion of the turkey you didn't eat to the store.

8. Offer to be in charge of Secret Santa at your office. Put your name in the hat, but decline to pick one, citing a moral opposition to consumerism.

9. Go caroling door to door. Send your neighbors a bill for your services.

10. Is your family crazy enough to merit its own reality show? Sell tickets to your holiday dinner, billing it as a dark comedy performance art piece.

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