Princess Eugenie is having to delay her wedding thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

This ought to make family reunions not awkward at all.

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Hot off the heels of announcing her engagement to Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie (cousin of Princes Harry and William) is reportedly being forced to postpone her wedding...Thanks to these lovebirds right here:

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Jack and Eugenie's wedding was originally slated for September, but due to the possibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being on royal tour during that time, they've been asked to push the nuptials back to October.

A source tells The Daily Mail, "There is talk of a number of foreign tours for Prince Harry and Miss Markle this year, and September is a date that has been mooted. There is nothing concrete yet, but it looks as if Eugenie and Jack will go for October instead."

Meanwhile, Jack Brooksbank's maternal grandmother said:

File under: TFW your entire life revolves around the travel plans of your cousin.

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