Lena Headey Gives Hilarious Insight Into What Cersei's Really Thinking on 'Game of Thrones'

Is it a spoiler??

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One of the many reasons I love Lena Headey (besides her ability to be raw and real with fans) is that she brings a little levity into the experience of playing Cersei Lannister. I can only imagine how seriously intense playing one of the most complex and honestly one of the most hated characters on GoT must be. But Lena always finds the nuance in her role, or in the case of a post this morning, some hilarious insight into what the current Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is really thinking. 

Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8.

Lena posted that iconic shot from the episode 4 trailer of Cersei and Euron looking joyfully over their many troops. Is she thinking about how to kill the Dragon Queen? Not at all, apparently. Lena captioned the photo, "Cersei thinking about pizza and not sharing it with [Pilou Asbæk, who plays Euron]." Oooooo so there's UberEats in Westeros? Who knew?? I mean, while she's busy plotting and being evil, you have to have appropriate snacks, so I get it.

Lena continued, "After the epic and heart attack inducing Ep 3...what will happen...Will Cersei and Euron get their Scooby snacks?" Thanks, Lena, for empathizing with fans about the current season, which has been brutal to watch. (Hopefully this next episode is slightly less terrifying, although I doubt it. My nerves can hardly take it!)

Here's the original post:

Wouldn't it be hilarious if this were actually a spoiler? Cersei and pizza, together at last.

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