Who Is James Middleton's Girlfriend, Alizee Thevenet?

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  • James Middleton has a new girlfriend named Alizee Thevenet.
    • James and Alizee made their love Instagram official in May.
      • Alizee is a financial analyst and speaks four languages.

        James Middleton has a new love in his life. Her name is Alizee Thevenet and here's everything you need to know about her.

        She's a financial analyst.

        Alizee works in finance as an analyst at the London-based ITG (Investment Technology Group). Before she started at ITG, she worked in marketing and consulting.

        She went to Queen Mary University

        She graduated from the London university in 2013.

        She speaks four languages.

        Alizee speaks Spanish, Chile, French, and English and grew up all over the world—in Germany, Indonesia, Chile, France, Belgium, and England.

        Her dad says her relationship with James is the real deal.

        According to Alizee's dad, Jean-Gabriel Thevenet, she and James are very serious.

        “My daughter Alizee is very happy with James, they are very much in love," he told the Daily Mail. "James is a very charming man. I am very happy that Alizee is together with James. I know she is very happy. We keep our fingers crossed for them. I am not allowed to say how they met, to give away their secrets. You must talk to her or James, they will be back in London soon, but I’m very happy for them. I have seen the pictures of Alizee and James in St Barts. They look very happy. Alizee is very happy living in London."

        They went Instagram official in May.

        James took the relationship Instagram official in May 2019 with a sweet picture of him and Alizee in matching sweaters on a boat.

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