Ariel Winter's New Strawberry Blonde Hair Makes Her Look Like 'Kim Possible'

"Bye bye dark hair," she wrote.

Ariel Winter
(Image credit: Emma McIntyre)
  • After the series wrap of Modern Family, the long-running show she's been a part of for years, Ariel Winter dyed her hair from natural black to pretty strawberry-red.
  • Fans loved it, and even compared her to Disney channel animated crimefighter Kim Possible. I believe that is the highest possible compliment a person could receive. 
  • ICYMI, Winter had her hair dyed almost exactly that color last year, and she clearly has been dying to go back to it.

Last night on Instagram, Ariel Winter showed off the transformation of dying her hair back to a pretty strawberry blonde color. Now that she's completed the series wrap of the hit ABC show Modern Family, she can finally go nuts with her new 'do. And fans went crazy for it—she looks amazing.

Earlier in the week, she paid tribute to the show that has been a part of her life for over a decade. "In just a few hours we will series wrap on @abcmodernfam, and along with everything else, I will be saying goodbye to the trailer I have had for almost a decade. Goodbye trailer! Goodbye Alex plaque!" (Alexa, play "Memories.")

But last night was all about the new transformation. On the initial photo with her long black locks, Winter wrote, "bye bye dark hair :) I don’t think I’ll miss you :)))" Then she showed off the new color. She captioned the new photo, "🍓🍰I’m a strawberry and a shortcake sooooo new nickname?🍓" Kira Kosarin immediately replied, "Kim Possible vibesss." Which, now that's all I can see, so good call.

If you'll remember, Winter dyed her hair "Little Mermaid" red (get it? It's a reference to her name? Oh you get it) in May 2019, and she explained on Instagram she'd been dying to get back to that color for a while. In both cases, it looks like her real hair, not a wig, so I bow down to the commitment. She must really adore that color, and it makes me happy.

Here's the transformation:

I love it. Keep it, Ariel!

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