Britney Spears Says "All My Jewelry Was Stolen" In Instagram Post

"It's hard to buy new now because I'm scared it will go missing."

 Britney Spears attends Sony Pictures' "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" Los Angeles Premiere on July 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
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Britney Spears has shared a recent Instagram post claiming her jewelry has been stolen.

On Sunday, May 26, the singer posted a video on social media showing what appeared to be two nearly empty all-white jewelry boxes as she opens and closes various drawers.

"So you can see for real all my jewelry was stolen…it’s hard to buy new now because I’m scared it will go missing," Spears wrote in the caption. "So I buy it cheap and fake, but it’s hard because some of my pieces were originally made for me."

Spears went on to claim that a "baby cross" that she has worn "since I was 4" was also missing, adding that "it's so thin." She did not elaborate in the post when the alleged robbery took place, if she contacted authorities or any other information regarding where her belongings might be or who would allegedly be responsible.

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In two follow-up Instagram posts, shared shortly after Spears claimed she had been robbed, the singer posted videos of herself posing in front of the camera, showing off two outfits—a miniature pink dress with puffy sleeves and shell-like accents on the front, and a miniature red dress featuring off-the-shoulder sleeves.

"My favorite dress at the moment … dropped 12 sizes when I brought it to the door though," Spears wrote in the caption of the first post featuring the pink dress. "🧐🧐🧐 not sure why 🍾🍾🍾 !!!" she added, apparently insinuating a connection between her alcohol intake and her size.

"Thinking of getting a tongue 👅 ring!!!" Spears captioned the second post in which she is seen wearing the miniature red dress.

In another Instagram post that was shared prior to the alleged robbery, Spears admitted that she is "scared of the outside world."

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"I’m scared of the outside world because god forbid I break a foot and someone calls an ambulance so I don’t go out much," she wrote in the lengthy caption, alluding to an incident in which Spears was allegedly involved in a fight with her boyfriend at the hotel Chateau Marmont. Paramedics were dispatched to the hotel.

In an Instagram post, Spears addressed the alleged incident, saying that "the news is fake."

"I would like respect at this time for people to understand that I am getting stronger everyday," she wrote in a screenshot that was subsequently posted to her page. "Truth sucks so can someone teach me how to lie? Goddesses out there, I'm reaching my higher power and furthermore, I hope you guys are too."

Spears went on to say that she "twisted her ankle" during the alleged incident and that "paramedics showed up at my door illegally."

"They never came in my room but I felt felt completely harassed," she continued. "I'm moving to Boston!!! Peace."

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