Drew Barrymore Says She's "Never Messed With" Her Face: "I Don't Want to Fight Nature"

She discussed it with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Drew Barrymore
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You can trust Drew Barrymore to be extra candid about all sorts of delicate subjects.

On a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress spoke to fellow movie star Jamie Lee Curtis about aging, and Curtis had strong words to share with Barrymore.

"I hate the word 'anti-aging,'" she said. "There's a genocide of natural beauty out there, and I don't need to point fingers or... but there are charlatans and fakers and people who are selling BS to unsuspecting women who are old enough to know better, and teens who aren't. Because we have lost touch as a society about what is beauty. Beauty has become something that can be doctored and filtered and injected and peeled and stripped away, and the truth is you can't."

Curtis then proceeded to tell Barrymore about a time she was at the Golden Globes, and her husband, Chris Guest, said that Jessica Tandy, who was 80 at the time, was the most beautiful woman in the room. This, of course, deeply marked Curtis—who was herself trying to look as young and beautiful as she could that night.

"I’ve never messed with my face," Barrymore told her. "I can tell!" Curtis answered.

The Never Been Kissed star continued, "I don’t want to fight nature. I’m raising two daughters, and we were raised in an industry where that was desired to drink off the fountain of youth, and I just never subscribed to it. So I appreciate everything you said. And I think men just need to let women know aging is safe and awesome."

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