Emma Watson Used Her Prada Heel to Crush Cocktail Ice

She's practical!

Emma Watson crushing cocktail ice with a Prada heel
(Image credit: Vogue/YouTube)

Who doesn't love a practical, efficient queen? We've all had to get creative from time to time—haven't we?—when it comes to our vices (alcohol, coffee, weed, etc...), and Emma Watson is no stranger to such predicaments. Like when she found herself making cocktails for British Vogue and decided—no rolling pin in sight—to take off her chunky Prada heel and use that to crush the ice.

And guess what? It actually worked better than the rolling pin, which is probably a good sign for your feet! Hey Prada: looks like your next advertising campaign has been sorted.

Can't you picture it? Emma Watson, styled to the hilt, climbing up an icy mountain in her heels, shards of the slippery stuff crushing and crumbling underneath her but—somehow?—she never falls? Because she's in her Pradas? Maybe she sips a drink at the end and winks? Like! Come on! PRADA, what are you doing if not that?!

The video is part of the magazine's "Ultimate British Taste Test" series, which finds Watson preparing five British cocktails. And—because no post about Emma Watson can be written without a Hermione Granger reference—came with a notebook chockablock with "copious notes."

"Look, there’s diagrams, there’s amounts ... this is true to me: I love learning, and I love note-taking."

The whole video is actually quite delightful, giving you a peek into Watson's relationship with her brother and friends (adorable, competitive) and how she spent her pandemic days (writing and directing).

Of course, we're still thinking about what the people at Prada must think about the ice part.

Alicia Lutes
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