Jennifer Garner's Thoughts on Aging Are So Refreshing

The star believes "aging is a gift."

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Being bombarded with ads for anti-aging products and seeing people complimented for "aging well" is all too normalized in our society. And in Hollywood, the pressure to "age well" is tenfold, especially for women. But one A-lister has opted out of that narrative.

Speaking to People, Jennifer Garner shared her belief that "aging is a gift," not something to be feared. "I am grateful just to be alive. And I'm grateful for the wisdom that I've gleaned out of these years and really grateful to be able to watch other women go through this process of life so gracefully," the actress said. She tries "to follow in their footsteps and tell other young women, 'Take care of yourself, but don't be scared. Aging is a gift.'"

Jennifer Garner posted a 'Valentine's Day' movie scene she shard with Taylor Swift to remind the pop star that she "is hilarious."

Jennifer Garner believes "aging is a gift," not something to be feared.

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The Last Thing He Told Me star also told the magazine she eats "really well" and exercises regularly for her mental health. And with her upcoming 52nd birthday, she's focusing on building her community. "To me that day is about: How am I going to look outside of myself?" Garner told People of her birthday. "How am I giving back to the world that gives me so much?"

This isn't the first time Garner has shared her positive outlook on the aging process, either. Last year, she told Allure wrinkles are a "part of life" when asked about the anti-wrinkle straw that was then trending on TikTok. She also told Harper's Bazaar in 2022 that her beauty advice is to "look in the mirror less," something most of us could stand to do.

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