Kate Middleton Reached Out to a Little Girl to Congratulate Her on Beating Cancer

The Duchess was by moved by Mila Sneddon's viral photo from 2020.

Kate Middleton meets little girl
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The Duchess of Cambridge is known for many things, not least of which being her affection for small children. So how could the royal mom not reach out when she saw the viral photo of a little girl with leukemia kissing her dad through a window during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic? Obviously, there was no way. 

Six-year-old Mila Sneddon received a lot of love when the photo first went viral back in 2020. At the time, she was still undergoing cancer treatment. The little girl ultimately got to meet Kate twice—and now that she's officially cancer-free, it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is still in touch.

Kate Middleton with little girl and candle

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Mila and her mother Lynda Sneddon appeared on the UK's Lorraine show on Tuesday, where they told host Ranvir Singh that Mila's treatment was over. Mila had received an email of congratulations from William and Kate, they noted. “Now she’s recognized as the happy little girl who met Kate Middleton and not the poor little girl with cancer,” Lynda said.

After the photo went viral, Kate Middleton reached out to Mila and found out that her favorite color is pink. “I'll have to make sure I try and find a pink dress," she told the little girl. Hopefully when, one day, hopefully, Mia, we'll get to meet and then I'll wear remember to wear my pink dress for you.” When they eventually met, the Duchess wore a pink dress in honor of her promise to Mila.

The duchess's three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—are all around Mila’s age, so it makes sense that the little girl’s story would be particularly moving for her. Kate has something of Princess Diana’s warm parenting style, and can barely stand to leave her kids behind when she goes on those long world tours. We’d expect nothing less than special treatment from her for this sweet kid.

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