Adele Proved She's a Member of the Beyhive with Her Beychella Instagrams

Adele watched Beyonce perform at Coachella and Instagrammed her reactions.

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Last night, Beyoncé took the stage at Coachella to perform an epic, 26-song set that made history and changed lives. You know, just an average Saturday for Bey.

People who couldn't be at Coachella tuned in from around the world to watch Beyoncé's performance, including one of her biggest fans: Grammy-winning, living legend Adele.

Adele posted a series of Beychella 'Grams that should earn her a place in the Beyhive Hall of Fame. Mood One was that moment when Beyoncé takes the stage and your whole body just erupts in pure joy:

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Mood Two was that moment when you spontaneously start trying to copy the choreography no matter how absurd that might be:

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And Mood Three...well, it's just that moment when you truly lose yourself because that's the power of Beyoncé.

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Adele's fandom for Queen Bey is well-documented. In 2017, when Adele won the Grammy for Album of the Year for 25, the British singer took issue with the win, which she felt Beyoncé deserved that year for Lemonade.

"I spoke to her before just to let her know how honored and privileged I felt to be nominated alongside her, and we spoke afterward as well and she was very gracious and humble, as always, as we've come to expect," Adele told reporters after the Grammy win. "And the reason I felt the need to say something is because my album of the year is Lemonade. She is my icon of my whole life."

Same, Adele. SAME.

"I felt like it was her time to win," Adele continued at the time. "What the f*ck does she have to do to win album of the year? That's how I feel."

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