Lorde Goes on Serious Rant, Deletes Tweets

But can you really blame her?

Though she's one of the most talented and famous 17-year-olds in the biz (and she's got the Grammys to prove it), Lorde is NOT happy. Yesterday the singer took to Twitter to offer her opinion on the invasive paparazzi.

The tweets have since been deleted (perhaps her PR manager got to them), but the fame and attention is understandably jarring. She explains, "There is a difference between attention from fans, which I love, and the constant, often lecherous gaze that i'm subjected to in this industry." Not soon after she offered even more insight into the world of superstardom, "I'm beginning to get used to my image as a public commodity, and the fact that i'm getting used to it frightens me."

While we can't relate (no one's jumping out of bushes to snap our picture), Lorde makes an insightful point. What is the price of fame and how can we expect teenagers, or anyone for that matter, to come out unscathed?

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