Kim Kardashian: Bruce Will Tell His Story on His Own Terms

"He's the happiest I've ever seen him."

Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian
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If you've ever walked by a newsstand, you know the rumors that Bruce Jenner has been inching towards (or may have already had?) a gender reassignment surgery. Now, his family is coming forward in support...even though no one's saying of what.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight airing Tuesday evening, Kim Kardashian answers interview questions as if she's wearing an earpiece with Olivia Pope on the other end feeding her careful—but not so careful we wouldn't write about it!—sound bytes. (Or, you know, it could be that somebody finally got into Advanced Placement Media-Training.)

"On this, I will say I think Bruce should tell his story his way," she said.

"I think everyone goes through things in life, but I do think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he'll share whenever the time is right. Bruce is very happy, the happiest I've ever seen him. And he's…our dad. So we support him no matter what. And when the time's right, he'll talk about whatever he wants to talk about."

Good policy. Watch a teaser of tonight's show for Kim's impressive performance plus some intriguing news about a sibling for North West.

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