The 7 Most Fascinating Things About Miles Teller's 'Esquire' Profile

A deep dive into the controversial interview.

Miles Teller on the cover of Esquire's September issue.
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Miles Teller is not particularly happy with his most recent cover interview, which made the rounds online this week because shall we say...doesn't paint him in the most flattering light.

"You're sitting across from Miles Teller at the Luminary restaurant in Atlanta and trying to figure out if he's a dick," the profile begins.

"So yeah," it continues several paragraphs later, "he is kind of a dick."

What did Teller think? Well, hours after the story went live on Wednesday, he tweeted this:

His co-stars from the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot also came to his defense.

Of course, the profile, by Esquire's Anna Peele, doesn't just call him a dick. It also delves into his career (including the absurdly small amount of money he's made on indie films), his painful car accident (and the emotional fallout), and how much he claims to not give a shit. 

Oh, and it also discusses the supposed shape of his penis.

Here are seven highlights, some dick-ish, some not at all. 

1. He compared his penis to a highball glass. And told the waitress at the restaurant where the interview took place about it. 

[image id='912eca33-2e14-4668-a2fe-697ce1c5656b' mediaId='51a6239c-767b-4174-a376-d52ab4f56540' caption='Highball glass.' share='true' expand='true' loc='C'][/image]

2. He showed Peele a picture of his back muscles. The reason, according to Peele, was to "prove how strong he is." 

3. He says he earned just $8,000 for Whiplash, which garnered a Best Picture nomination and Best Supporting Actor award for Teller's co-star J.K. Simmons. He also claimed to make just $5,000 for Rabbit Hole and $7,000 for The Spectacular Now

4. He grapples with which types of movies to do. "It's hard to get to the right position, to be somebody who is commercially successful and critically acclaimed," he said. "That's the sweet spot." 

5. He bragged about smoking a ton of weed in college. "Me and my buddies prided ourselves," he said. "We were like, 'Nobody smokes this much pot. I guarantee you can ask anyone in this dorm, man . . . we smoke a lot.'" Teller said he quit smoking pot when he got Hollywood. 

6. He told an intense story about why he doesn't have any college friends. Teller got into a nasty car accident in college, leaving him with multiple scars on his face. To help pay for the mounting medical bills, his family sued the insurance company of the driver, who was Teller's friend. He recounted the fallout: 

That led to a rift between Teller and his then pals. 

7. He claims to not give a shit. Here's what he had to say about a TMZ video of him dancing at a music festival:

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