Natalie Dormer Says Feminism Is "Not About Girl Power"

In fact, she has a pretty great definition of her own.

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Expert Game of Thrones schemer Natalie Dormer is taking on a new role, though in a similarly woman-staking-her-claim-in-the-world kind of vein. In BBC Two drama the Scandalous Lady W, she plays famed feminist icon Seymour Dorothy Fleming, who dared separate from her husband in 18th century England. 

So how does the star feel about feminism in the ol' 2015? "It upsets me that it has to be seen in such rudimentary 'We're better than you, you're better than us' terms," she told Digital Spy. "It shouldn't be about man or woman. Surely as a modern society, what we're aiming for is just equality across the board?"

And no, feminism does not = girl power. "Feminism—that word is so misconstrued by so many people, especially young people, which disturbs me," she continues. "It's not about 'girl power,' whatever that means! It's just about equality between the sexes and everybody being able to live as they wish."

Hey, no complaints here.

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